Design takes on its full potential when an object that may at first glance appear simple is in fact exciting and ingenious, discovering all the work of deliberation and attention to detail that underlies the whole piece.

In sketching the outlines of the Millesim sommelier tool,we have recreated tradition through innovation. The corkscrew’s design is sleek and timeless, and all its lines are thoughtful and reasoned.

Our philosophy is to create unique objects for people who are seeking something exclusive or looking for exceptional gifts.

It’s not every day that you get to open a grand cru or an outstanding bottle of wine, so the Millesim sommelier tool honours and and showcases the work of winemakers and the quality of the product that comes from the earth itself.

We have designed a double blade that is integrated into the handle end so that the capsule can be cut cleanly and with precision. These twin cutting blades mean that you can cut above and below the lip at the same time, so it can be used by both hands.

The double lever means you can pull out the longest of corks which may have become fragile over time, so avoiding any risks of breakage.

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