Our Millesim sommeliers are assembled by hand in our workshop in Liège, Belgium. We use only the finest materials such as noble woods and finest leather that have been carefully selected for the beauty of their appearance and their resistance.

Our desire to create truly one-off pieces is underlined by our « Millesim Bespoke » service that is there to respond to the most extravagant requests. This service enables you to fully express your own personality.

Thus your Millesim sommelier can become your passport to whole world of privileges, marrying artisan skills with an exclusive identity.

If you are looking to give someone a luxury personalised gift, the « Millesim Bespoke » range is the perfect answer.

We also create designs with unique engraving, for a gift that will put the final seal on your relationship. Tell us about your most unusual wishes and we will make  even better.

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