Millesim Evolution

Your tastes may change, so what is true today may not be the case in the future.

That’s why Millisim offers the option of updating your sommelier in line with the latest trends, as well as enjoying our newest materials and finishes.

The Millisim Evolution service is authorised to carry out all modifications you may desire, such as wood and leather inserts, finishes on the stainless steel parts etc.


Millesim Clinic

We have set up a repairs service to deal with unforeseen events.

Our “Millesim Clinic” service means that we can provide you with a quote at any time to refurbish your sommelier.

Please feel free to contact us at


Millesim Guarantee

Your Millesim sommelier tool has a lifetime guarantee.

To take advantage of this service, please complete your international guarantee certificate provided with your model. Your corkscrew’s guarantee covers any defects that may appear, both in terms of materials and workmanship. Damage to the corkscrew arising from accidents, abnormal usage or repairs carried out by any unauthorised persons will be covered by our Clinic service, which will send you a quote to restore your Millesim to its original condition. 

For all maintenance and repair requests or for any further assistance and information, please contact us at

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