The Millesim sommelier results from the coming together of two designers, Jean-Michel Denis and Cédric Fouarge, both with a shared passion for design and wine and both with a wealth of history and tradition.

Millesim was founded in the year 2000, at the “Concours du Sommelier du Millénaire”, a competition organised for the Saint-Vincent wine festival in the Burgundian village of Gevrey-Chambertin in France. The 3 Michelin Star chef Bernard LOISEAU and food critic Jean-Pierre COFFE officially named MILLESIM as the most beautiful corkscrew of the Millénaire.

The first prototype was made in the workshops of a renowned Liège gunmaker, and gave rise to the first model available for sale bearing the name Millesim M’00. On the strength of this experience, Millesim is already offering the fifth generation of Millesim exclusive corkscrews, for your pleasure.

We can produce for you designs that are more and more exclusive and that are particularly beautifully finished and luxurious. We are constantly on the search for fine materials, and our philosophy is to create exceptionally-designed pieces. In Millesim we have achieved this aim, by providing you with unique sommelier tools, veritable items of hand-made jewellery, assembled by artisans in our workshop in Liège Belgium. All of our pieces bear a serial number, offering you unique pieces that can be fully customised by our « Millesim Bespoke » service.

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