Hand-polished for life-long beauty

Every Millesim sommelier is made from 316L & X30Cr13 stainless steel.

Our Millesim tools are made from 316L & X30Cr13 stainless steel to ensure their long-lasting beauty, even in the most hostile of environments. 316L stainless steel is particularly corrosion-resistant and after polishing, takes on an exceptional shine

The corkscrew is machined in the Jura region, the home of the watchmaking industry and luxury spectacles.Our parts are created in prestigious workshops.


Our gold models are hallmarked

Every Millesim Jewellery sommelier tool is plated in 5u to 8u gold.

The body of the Millesim Jewellery sommelier is 22 Carat gold-plated,a precious alloy made up of 950 ‰ (for one thousand) of pure gold or of a clever blend of silver and copper required for the production of different types of gold: white, yellow or rose gold.

The different elements are finished to a high level of quality, and each piece is closely checked before finally being assembled.


Precious wood selected and machined in the Jura region

Each wood is micro-machined and is polished and shined by hand.

The inserts in the Millesim sommelier are machined in the Jura region of France, with a historical reputation for the manufacture of pipes

They are made from a range of different woods such as black ebony, white ebony , violetwood etc.


Exceptional leather coverings made by our Paris workshops

Depending on your requirements, our Parisian workshop can sheathe the Millesim sommelier inserts in leather.

David Rosenblum has been upholding the use of exceptional skills and tradition since 1895. By devoting itself exclusively to luxury and working with top-of-the-range leather, it’s workshops reputation and its values of quality, excellence and beauty have meantt that it has been able to fulfil the most demanding of orders coming from every corner of the world.

Bettenfeld-Rosenblum is one of the few workshops able to perform technical feats such as taking leather down to a thickness of 200µ.


Traditional corkscrew worms forged in Thiers

Millesim sommelier tools have a forged stainless steel worm.

Millesim corkscrew worms are forged in Thiers, the European capital of cutlery. The expertise of the Thiers knife makers is based on an unbroken tradition, going back seven hundred years.

The exclusively-designed Millesim sommelier’s worm is forged to order by a master cutler.


Hand assembly completed in Liège

The Millesim sommelier tool is hand-finished by ourselves.

Millesim is exclusively assembled by the product designers, Jean Michel Denis and Cédric Fouarge, in their factory in the heart of Liège, a city with a worldwide reputation for its long tradition of high-end gun-making. Your Millesim is unique, hand-assembled and with its own serial number.

We can produce designs for you that are more and more exclusive and that are particularly beautifully finished and luxurious. We are always on the search for fine materials, and our philosophy is to create exceptional pieces.

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