When the Art of Living meets Wine.

Just as you would for your wine, select the quality and appreciate Millesim sommelier corkscrews. Wine means pleasure! Choose quality and appreciate the true value of objects. This is the thinking behind the Millesim sommeliers that we have devised for you, to enhance your day-to-day life by creating products with a unique design that have been made and fashioned to last.

With Millesim, treat yourself to special moments. It is just a genuine luxury, one of appreciating time …


When the Design world meets the world of Wine.

The Millesim sommelier results from the coming together of two designers, Jean-Michel Denis and Cédric Fouarge, both with a shared passion for design and wine and both with a wealth of history and tradition …


When Wine meets Designers.

Design takes on its full potential when an object that may at first glance appear simple is in fact exciting and ingenious, discovering all the work of deliberation and attention to detail that underlies the whole piece …


When Art meets Wine.

Manufacturing the Millesim sommelier tool marries the expertise of France and Belgium’s best artisans to create a true work of art, with precious metals, rare woods and exceptional leathers allowing us to achieve one of the most luxurious designs. Each sommelier is assembled and finished by hand to traditional standards, and is then inspected in great detail and finally it is packaged with care. Once it has proven its impeccablequality, it will receive its certificate of authenticity and guarantee …


Based on an innovative concept, Millesim uncorks your wine bottles in the utmost respect for tradition by perfectly removing the cork from your favourite grand cru wines.

It’s not every day that you get to open a grand cru or an outstanding bottle of wine, so the Millesim sommelier tool honours and and showcases the work of winemakers and the quality of the product that comes from the earth itself.

We have designed a double blade that is integrated into the handle end so that the capsule can be cut cleanly and with precision. These twin cutting blades mean that you can cut above and below the lip at the same time, so it can be used by both hands. The double lever means you can pull out the longest of corks which may have become fragile over time, so avoiding any risks of breakage …


Enter into the world of Millesim and discover our prestigious collection,
the perfect meeting of style and function.

Millesim STEEL

This is Millesim “Steel”, designed and made in 316L stainless steel. By adding nickel and chrome, it becomes a material suitable for harsh environments and resistant to scratching. Millesim Steel is designed to remain functional and beautiful, even in the harshest of environments.


The body of the Millesim “Jewellery” sommelier is covered in 22 Carat gold, a distinguished alloy made up of 950 ‰ e gold or a blend of silver and copper required to manufacture yellow and rose gold. Each piece is individually hallmarked.

Millesim BESPOKE

With the Millesim “Bespoke” sommelier” we offer a personalisation programme that corresponds to your personality, and we are able to respond to the most extravagant requests, including precious stone inlays, the use of unusual materials, engravings etc.


Your Millesim is unique, with its own serial number and assembled by ourselves in our own workshops.
We offer a range of exclusive services to meet your highest expectations, including repairs, maintenance and modifications …

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